Mudasomwa Mini-Grid board meeting held on 24th December,2021 with all shareholders and representatives. The agenda included sharing overview and progress of the project, challenges and brainstorming on what can be done in future.

The outstanding challenges remain to be unbalance between energy demand versus energy supply which slows down the profitability of the project. There is a need of sensitization and mobilization of energy productive use equipments that will boost economic development and energy consumption as well.

Mudasomwa Board Meeting

The communities’ cooperative ability to pay their contribution of 21.5% has been hindered by unavoidable circumstances that lead them not fulfil their shares/commitment. The figures showed that they have only contributed less than 5%, parties present agreed to work on it and see the appropriates shared Remera umucyo cooperative can remain with, and the lest to be shared between shareholders that have gone extra their contributions.

The outcome of the meeting showed the need of PPA for the sustainability of Mudasomwa Mini-Grid as it fully complies with the Rwanda Grid Code and REG reticulation standards for electricity transmission and distribution of networks. Also energy productive use equipments to balance energy supply.