Mudasomwa Mini-Grid Project Transforms Gitwa, Cyivugiza And Uwamakumba Villages

Gitwa and Cyivugiza villages, Remera cell, Ruheru Sector, and Uwamakumba village, Nkanda Cell, Busanze Sector in Nyaruguru District, Southern province residents will never ask for the matchbox to light traditional petroleum wick lamps and candles and close early their businesses; thanks to Mudasomwa pico-hydro power project that electrified our villages!


Mudasomwa pico-hydro power plant was constructed by Mudasomwa Mini-Grid Ltd, a subsidiary of HOBUKA Ltd, a local company with the support of Energy 4 Impact through the Scaling up off Grid Energy in Rwanda (SOGER) programme, Rwanda Energy Group (REG), the other shareholders of Mudasomwa Mini-Grid Ltd; Mr. Joel MURENZI NKUSI, Mr. Robert KAYITANI and the Mini-Grid Cooperative ”Umucyo Remera” based in Nyaruguru District. The project has an installed capacity of 38KW which will provide clean, reliable and affordable electricity to 260 households, institutions and productive use enterprises. The project is a Community Private Project which increases its sustainability part for the long term.

Managing Director of Mudasomwa Mini-Grid Ltd, Eng. PASIKA Peace For Glee affirmed the aims of Mudasomwa Mini-Grid and future hydro power projects being a very holistic Socio-Economic developmental,   community-focused, gender mainstreaming and environmentally sustainable with a heart for the local people. She further emphasized; there is no doubt that, the project has and will bring a brilliant livelihood to the community at large as the impact is realized in the coming first years of operation.


As energy sector target enshrined in the National Strategy for Transformation (NST 1) is to achieve 100% electricity access by 2024, Mudasomwa Mini-Grid Ltd together with HOBUKA Ltd plan to contribute to achieve this target by implementing other additional 200 mini-grid projects both Solar and Hydropower plants in off-grid regions across the country, Rwanda.