Our Projects

  1. Mudasomwa Pico hydro power Plant ; 50KW;  on Mudasomwa River located in Nyaruguru District, Ruheru Sector between Remera and Uwumusebeya Cells in South Province.
  2. Kabebe Pico Hydro power plant; 50KW, on Kabebe River located in Nyamagabe District; between Gatare and Nkomane Sectors in South Province.

HOBUKA Ltd has been awarded by Energy 4Impact to do a proposal and Business plan for this project. These Pico-hydropower plants are solutions for the electrification of the concerned area.

Projects Under Joint Venture

  1. Developing the greenfield GACUMU MHPP – Micro Hydro Power Plant: 399KW; Giheta Cell, Munini Sector, Nyaruguru District in the Southern Province under the joint venture NGUVU Energy Ltd, between HOBUKA Ltd and COCA Ltd
  2. Developing the greenfield NYIRABUGOYI MHPP: 731KW; Rambya and Kizimyamuriro Cells, Buruhukiro Sector, Nyamagabe District Southern Province by the joint venture NGUVU Energy Ltd


  1. Preliminary and comprehensive market study of the captive power potential in Rwanda
  2. Advisory services on the Rusizi III (145 MW) project with three off-takers from Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.