Our Projects

  1. Mudasomwa Pico hydro power Plant ; 38KW;  on Mudasomwa River located in Nyaruguru District, Ruheru Sector between Remera and Uwumusebeya Cells in South Province.
  2. Kabebe Pico Hydro power plant; 50KW, on Kabebe River located in Nyamagabe District; between Gatare and Nkomane Sectors in South Province.

HOBUKA Ltd has been awarded by Energy 4Impact to do a proposal and Business plan for this project. These Pico-hydropower plants are solutions for the electrification of the concerned area.

Projects Under Joint Venture

  1. Developing the greenfield GACUMU MHPP – Micro Hydro Power Plant: 399KW; Giheta Cell, Munini Sector, Nyaruguru District in the Southern Province under the joint venture NGUVU Energy Ltd, between HOBUKA Ltd and COCA Ltd
  2. Developing the greenfield NYIRABUGOYI MHPP: 731KW; Rambya and Kizimyamuriro Cells, Buruhukiro Sector, Nyamagabe District Southern Province by the joint venture NGUVU Energy Ltd
  3. Developing two greenfield mini-grid solar projects in Nyaruguru district (Nyagisozi and Mata Sectors; Mwoya and Agatovu Cells), with a total installed capacity of 40 KW. These mini-grids will provide electricity to about 450 households and productive usage activities (PUA). The intent is to develop up to 200 solar mini-grids in Rwanda.


  1. Preliminary and comprehensive market study of the captive power potential in Rwanda
  2. Advisory services on the Rusizi III (145 MW) project with three off-takers from Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.
  3. Project proposal for the establishment of the Rwanda Energy Group Training Centre (REGTC) by IPC