The challenging year with so much uncertainties and complex situations in doing businesses reached Hobuka too as private energy developer company. Despite all the cuts and downs, Hobuka employees decided to seize each and every opportunity of learning and upgrading skills coming along the way.

Different domains around Hobuka area of interest, a staff had to attend the training in respect of their work schedules during the period of working from home and respecting covid-19 mitigations measures of 30% employees physically work at the office. Interesting webinars, trainings and talk series mostly by Nile Talk Forum left Hobuka staffs with a lot of insights.

Trainings, webinars and talks as follows:

  • Foundational Gender Training, by USAID Power Africa, East Africa Energy Program, April 2020
  • 5days training on pre-feasibility study by Africa Service Energy Group and Trama TecnoAmbiental (TTA), from 14th -19th Aug 2020.
  • Sustainable Energy for All Indigenous mini-grid Developers Webinar on Universal Energy Facility (UEF) – a new Results Based Financing facility. On 19th Aug,2020.
  • 2 days Online Conference, The 2020 International Conference on Nile GERD (2020 International Conference on the Nile and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Science, Conflict Resolution and Cooperation.) Organised by Nile Talk Forumon 20th – 21st Aug, 2020.
  • Webinar on Women in Renewables online networking event,27thAug, 2020.
  • 1 day online training on “Sustainable Foundation and Management of a Business” 05th Oct 2020.
  • Women’s clean energy international spotlight on Rwanda, held on 21stOct,2020 by C3E International.
  • The changing geopolitics in the Nile basin, avoiding conflict and building cooperation. Organised by Nile Talk Forum, 28thOct, 2020.
  • 1 day the training on “Customer Service” 30th Oct 2020.
  • Webinar on Rooftop Solar, 19thNov, 2020.
  • 4 days training on “Investment Readiness” 18th – 20thNov 2020.
  • Advanced photovoltaic and advanced solar thermal, on 25th Nov 2020, Organised by CSC Koblenz and experts from German.
  • Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam negotiation challenges and ways forward, technical aspects" Organised by Nile Talk Forum, 30th Nov, 2020.
  • Geothermal energy webinar, 4th Dec2020, Organised by CSC Koblenz and experts from German.
  • Web based training Rwanda Photovoltaic skills, German Energy Agency, on 10th
  • Wind and Hydropower webinar-basics of plant engineering and physics, 11thDec,2020 Organised by CSC Koblenz and experts from German.
  • Dam Safety Management in Ethiopia". Organised by Nile Talk Forum on 21stDec, 2020.