HOBUKA Ltd will participate in Workplace Learning Program

Workplace Learning is a structured work experience program that provides an opportunity for students to get some first hand, on the job experience or training.

Workplace Learning

Helps young people make informed decisions when planning their transition through school and from school, to a fulfilling working life.

  • Gives students an understanding of what attitudes and skills employers are looking for and what training and further education is required.
  • Widens student's practical experience of workplaces and builds their workplace industry skills as part of their studies.
  • Allows employers to help young people understand the workplace as well as careers and job opportunities and directions in their industry.
  • Gives student experience of a workplace and helps them learn quickly and powerfully about the changing nature of work and workplaces.

Allows students the opportunity to participate in the workplace and to practice and extend what they have learned in their training at school.

GIZ Eco-Emploi via ICON / IP is helping the Government of Rwanda to set up a workplace learning program in its education system, through Rwanda Polytechnic.

Two staff of HOBUKA Ltd was trained to be In-Company Trainer.