Mudasomwa Pico hydro power plant (34KW) launch

The project initiated by HOBUKA Ltd, Implemented by Mudasomwa Mini-Grid Ltd, Supported by Energy4Impact, Funded By SIDA

On 31st July, 2018 HOBUKA Ltd, Energy4Impact and Nyaruguru District opened the official start construction of Mudasomwa Pico hydro power plant located in Ruheru sector, Remera cell, Gitwa Village. This pico hydro power plant will generate 34 KW that will supply electricity to 260 households, 6 bars and restaurants, 6 grocery shops, 3 cassava mills, 1 welding, 1 carpentry, 2 primary school, 1 health center and 3 churches and 1 cell office.

The launching of this project was chaired by the chairman of the district council of Nyaruguru district MUNGWAKUZWE Yves. He first thanked HOBUKA Ltd and Energy4Impact for their initiative of electrifying Remera cell as it is in line with the government target of 100% electrification rate by 2024. He then reminded the community that this is their project that they should be more involved and sustain it. He told them to exploit all the benefits that come along within the project to improve their live.

Vice-mayor of economic affairs in Nyaruguru district, GASHEMA Janvier in his speech thanked HOBUKA Ltd and Energy for Impact for their initiative of electrifying Nyaruguru district specifically Ruheru sector. He said that it is a great initiative and opportunity to help Nyaruguru district to achieve their electrification target. He then reminded all investors that doors are widely open for everyone who wants to invest in Nyaruguru district and that the district will always support and facilitate them.

The program manager of Energy for Impact Victor HAKUZWUMUREMYI in his speech stated that the project budget is of 125000$ for which Energy for Impact will fund with 49%. He then thanked the community for their encouragement in this project as they have a share of 7%. He promises the community that Energy4Impact will still support them in the implementation of small businesses projects that will be related to the use of electricity produced by the Mudasomwa Pico hydro power plant.

The Managing Director of HOBUKA Ltd, Ntare KARITANYI first thanked all the part involved in this project. He thanked Mr Joel MURENZI NKUSI and Robert KAYITANI for investing in energy sector to make change in Ruheru sector.

Mudasomwa Mini-Grid Ltd is a local energy and technology development firm established in May 2017 with a purpose of production and distribution of renewable energy in Nyaruguru district. The firm was created under a special joint venture composed by HOBUKA Ltd, Nkusi Joel, Kayitani Robert and the local community of Ruheru sector (named “Umucyo Remera Cooperative”).

He then thanked the Managing Director of Mudasomwa Mini-Grid Ltd; Mrs PASIKA Peace For Glee for her commitment and hard working for the success of this project. He explained that HOBUKA Ltd chooses to invest in Nyaruguru district because the district is open for business, their population are committed and want to work for their development. In addition to that we found out that Mudasomwa River can be tapped and generate electricity. He then added that HOBUKA Ltd would like to expand its collaboration with Nyaruguru district in the future.

Mr Jean Marie Robert MUGWANEZA, the Umucyo Remera cooperative leader thanked the initiator of this project.  He reminded the community that they have a share of 7% in this project and that they should keep in commitment to fulfill what they agreed. He concluded his speech by reminding the community to make the priority to achieve what they want. He also promised the stakeholders that they will sustain the project and use this opportunity to improve their live.

The community of Ruheru sector was excited to experience the launching of this project. They said that "this project will make a live changing socially and economically. This project has been beneficiary to us by giving around 100 population jobs during the construction. And this is the starting of boosting our economy and  we are very excited for the project commissioning to exploit all the benefits that will come with it as this project will bring more business opportunities.  we are very proud that our future is bright. Ibyiza biri imbere!!"