MUDASOMWA Pico Hydropower Project Kickoff

MUDASOMWA Pico Hydropower Project (34KW) will be implemented by MUDASOMWA MINI-GRID Ltd; a joint venture between HOBUKA Ltd, UMUCYO REMERA Cooperative and two other partners Robert Kayitani and Joel Murenzi Nkusi;  supported by Energy4Impact.

Project Kickoff

During the Community work, the local community together with the developer team, Energy4Impact team and the local Leaders  prepared  a site and gathered construction materials (stones).  After work they discussed  on the project implementation.

The Project output

The Project will bring the Socio-economic and environment impact to the community. 625 households will be electrified , new business activities will be created , reduction of CO2 emission by reducing Kerosene Lighting, reducing biomass used in cooking, community life changing the heath center will work 24Hours day, student will revise their studies during the night and use of ICT: computer, telephone…..