Mudasomwa PICO Hydro Project – Community engagement and Mobilization

Community engagement meeting

Mudasomwa PICO Hydro project has reached on its implementation stage. The proposed hydro power plant is expected to electrify 260 households, 6 bars, 6 small shops, a sector office, 2 schools, 3 cassava mills, 3 churches. The plant will have a capacity of 34kW with a flow of 0.11m3/s and a head of 50m. The plant will be located between Remera and Uwumusebeya Cells, Ruheru Sector, Nyaruguru District, in the Southern Province of Rwanda. The plant will connect the Cyivugiza and Gitwa villages in Remera cell.

Community Mobilization

On 30th October-03rd November, 2017 Community Mobilization have  been conducted  in order to  Engage the communities in the implementation of the Mudasomwa Power Plant; Supporting the communities in establishing a new energy cooperative; Electing the committee of the cooperative; Screening of the potential micro enterprises.

The election of the committee of the cooperative was done in a democratic way where one member has one vote