Archiving system Installation

HOBUKA Ltd in partnership with Cyber Logistic an Italian Firm, they have supplied a Physical Archiving System to ZIGAMA CSS.

The Benefits of Archiving for Growing Businesses

  1. Prevent Data Loss
    Information that hasn’t been archived on a central, secure repository could be lost forever. The chances of an employee accidentally misplacing a file are slim, but it does happen. In some cases data recovery experts might be able to retrieve this information, but this is likely to take some time, cost a lot and is rarely 100% accurate.
  2. Legal Requirements
    Archiving is important for legal reasons too. Many businesses accidentally dispose of documents that they legally should be keeping.
  3. Increase Security
    Archiving is also important for security reasons, especially at a time when cyber-attacks and data breaches are becoming more frequent. By securely archiving documents businesses can keep track information and increase protection from unauthorized third parties. Even the most cautious of businesses are now targeted by very adept hackers. 

    Paper records in open circulation can easily be taken from crowded offices or stolen by bitter employees. A reliable offsite archiving system will reduce this risk by warning senior staff when files are missing.

    Archiving is vital for business continuity and ensuring the highest level of performance in a competitive marketplace.

Type of hard copies should be kept

It’s important to keep a copy of all of your business paperwork:

  • Articles of incorporation (or other formation documents)
  • Tax forms
  • Financial records
  • Corporate bylaws
  • IRS and other government correspondence
  • Information about your customers
  • etc