In order to be competitive in a market in which customers expect quality, African companies and organizations of various sizes must be equipped with tools that are adapted to their workflow, and that allow them to deliver products and services efficiently while providing visibility for potential improvements.

Currently, these companies are faced with prohibitive costs of purchasing foreign software packages that are often not customized to their needs, are often difficult to implement, and require significant IT knowledge that is not always available. Hobuka Ltd. was created to address the growing need of affordable and accessible management information systems in Rwanda and the East African community.

The team is dedicated to leveraging the 20 years of combined experience in software design, development, maintenance, account management, and customer service to offer fully customized solutions that will be deployed rapidly, and integrated aimlessly to solve our clients’ most pressing challenges.

The Hobuka Ltd. team sees each customer as a partner and puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of its performance indicators. It is by delivering excellent products and services that we expect to reach our Vision while striving to achieve our Mission.